EXIF data in Digital Photography

Many of us heard about Exif data  in photography. But how many photographers use or understand this is a question. So in this article we are going to analyse Exif and its importance in Photography.

What is EXIF

EXIF stands for ‘Exchangeable Image File‘. Whenever a camera takes a photograph, it stores some information with the image. Usually this happens when you take images in JPEG or TIFF format. Exif is the industry standard and almost all camera manufactures support this.

Before going to all the details, it’s better to show you a sample of EXIF data associated with one of my image.

exif data

EXIF data

How to find EXIF data

Now you may be wondering how to find EXIF data in your image (happy that some of you already know). There are number of ways to find EXIF in images. Some of them are given below.

1. To view EXIF data in your camera, go to the preview of image and select info. This is what I am using in my Canon DSLR, might be different in other manufactures cameras. But almost every camera gives you an option to see, what data it stores with image.

2. If you transferred image to your mac or pc, you can view EXIF by selecting image property. To do so in mac, click ‘get info’. Image shown above is from mac get info.

3. If you want to get all the EXIF data, best option is to use some image editing software like Adobe Photoshop. To find EXIF data associated with an image, open that image in Photoshop, in the ‘file’ menu choose ‘File Info’. You can choose two types of information about the image, ‘general’ and ‘EXIF’. If we choose EXIF this is what we get,


EXIF in Photoshop

Yes it’s an old photograph from my hard drive. You can get all the information related to the shot  from the EXIF including date, time, focal length, camera, ISO, aperture and Shutter speed. Different cameras store a different amount of data, old camera store less information compared to newer cameras which stores almost all information related to the particular shot.

EXIF data is very useful for photographers to analyse the shots they taken and find out what settings are optimal to take good photographs and provide a better way to improve their photography skills in future.

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